The Forex Blade Team

Androw Narouz

"Hi, My name is Androw Narouz. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. I’m 24 years old and I’m an entrepreneur. I worked everywhere from McDonald’s to selling cars while studying business management in college. I hated knowing I was going to college just to come out with a ton of student loans. I was dead broke. I knew there had to be more than just doing a 9-5 after college and just working for someone else so I could “enjoy” my weekend. One day, my friend Leonardo told me, “Yo bro! I just made $40K today from Forex!” Immediately, I was hooked. I searched “What is Forex?” and got to studying. I started trading demo back in 2015. By May 2017, I had turned $2K to $80K. That was enough to pay for my four years of college tuition, in my senior year in high school! I made more money than I ever did in my life so I became obsessed with learning every course I could get my hands on. I admit I was a geek. Late 2018, I had started Forex Blade LLC and the rest is history. I became the CEO and Founder of Forex Blade LLC, helping people like you make real money in Forex."     

Dylan Draxten

"My name is Dylan Draxten, Im currently 29 years old living in Minnesota, United States. I have a 2-year-old daughter and a beautiful wife. I recently got out of the United States Marine Corps as an E-5, which is a Sergeant, I was introduced to forex in the military by one of my good friends. Like most newbies, I joined an MLM company and quickly learned that those companies were not there to help you learn to trade. I had a 500 dollar account and had some beginners luck and flipped it to 5k in about a month, you could say I was hooked but then lost it all really quick after that. But not long after that in about 2017, I discovered FxBlade and Androw got me set up with V1 of the EA and it killed it. I have been with FxBlade ever since, I now am apart of the team here at FxBlade, and yes im still running the EA and profiting with everyone in our discord community."