About Us

ForexBlade is running by two college students that have paid off all their college debt trading the Foreign Exchange Market while still in school! Coming from 2 different backgrounds, Androw and Dillon both had the same vision: To be financially free trading Forex. There are thousands of traders that are considered “failures.” It’s sad to accept the truth but 90% of Forex traders fail within the first year of trading Forex. Don’t get us wrong, we were also considered “failures” our first couple of years. One of the main reasons that most traders lose to the market is because they think they can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months and then leave with the profits. To be financially free trading the Forex market, it takes hundreds of hours of studying and more hours practicing. 4 years later ForexBlade was created. But what separates us from every other Forex team that claims that they’re experts and tries and sell you a Signals service? Most of our services are completely free. Our transparency is like a glass window. We post our analysis for free, we post daily results and testimonials all available on Instagram. We use the blade in Forex-Blade to cut through all the BS out there. That’s why we have more than 30 active clients that are using the robot and you can chat with them on our telegram. In a 5 trillion dollars a day Industry, there is enough money for everyone to profit!